Selected work


Rupak Biswas

Senior Experience Designer

With over 9 years of experience as a Senior UX Designer, I've worked with notable companies like Couchbase, Tekion, CX100, Tata Digital, Michelin, Accenture, and Deloitte Digital. At Couchbase, my focus is on creating intuitive and innovative solutions that enhance user experiences. Using advanced UX methods and tools like Figma, I handle complex challenges to develop designs that are user-friendly.

My approach goes beyond just looks; I aim to make interactions easy to use and memorable for users. Collaboration is key—I work closely with engineers and product managers to understand user feedback and turn it into actionable insights. Together, we aim to solve real-world problems with intuitive designs, aligning with Couchbase's values.

With experience from various projects, such as improving Amazon's payment options in Italy and leading BNPL solutions in Mexico, I bring a track record of strategic innovation to the UX field.

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